Men’s Health Awareness month

Men’s Health Awareness month According to the latest statistics in Hungary, 39% of the male population never had a prostate examination before the age of 65. Thus 4,000 Hungarian men struggle with prostate problems every year. Most of the diseases are preventable with regular screening, which could save lives. As every year November is the Men’s […]

Iron Deficiency Day

26th of November – Iron Deficiency Day Despite affecting 1,5 billion people worldwide, iron deficiency remains underprioritized, underdiagnosed, and as a consequence an undertreated condition. Iron Deficiency Day, taking place annually on 26th November, aims to raise awareness on iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia and the significant impact it can have on quality of […]

Midsummer day

Midsummer Day! Traditionally, the flowers of St. John’s Wort are collected on Midsummer day to be made into remedies. It has also made its way to modern pharmacology through its use as an anti-depressant. This percious medicinal plant can be found in our products too: in Remotiv extra to relieve the symptoms of mild depression, […]

It’s World Sleep Day!

It’s World Sleep Day! We think that there is nothing more natural than a daily restful sleep. Unfortunately statistics show a different picture: about one third of the Earth’s population have some sort of sleep problems. With our communication campaign for Sedacur forte we would like to raise awareness of sleep disorders and inform people […]

Micovag plus new packshot

The Micovag plus new packshot has already arrived! Please welcome our new designed outer box and renewed website for Micovag! Micovag is one of the strongest products in our gynecology portfolio. The concept behind the new design was to make our product more visible and easy to find in the pharmacy shelves. See yourself: […]

Sedacur forte 60x!

The Sedacur forte 60 has already arrived! We are happy to announce the launch of the larger package of Sedacur forte with 60 pills! We optimized the amount of pills in the boxes by considering what could be the most economical and comfortable option for our customers. For more information please contact us! Phytotec Hungária […]